Singapore Blog Awards ’15

Happy Monday ‘Blues’! Well I’m always excited on every monday as I get to start on every new week and can’t wait to see what have I achieved & accomplished each time! Just a heads up to all my readers and friends. I am happy to announce that XLBCR a less than a year old cooking/food blog made it as a finalist for this year SBA ’15.

sba It totally took me by surprise as I wasn’t having much expectation and joining at the very last day before the registration ends. And furthermore, XLBCR got into the finals for 2 categories namely, BEST NEW BLOG & BEST COOKING BLOG, yea being able to made it to finals is already more than happy to me. Which ever comes after is just a bonus.

sba2 sba4

To all my readers & friends out there, wherever you are (overseas or reside in SG), do spend sometime for the public voting for this 2 categories that XLBCR is eligible for – Top 10 Most Popular Blog & Most Popular Cooking Blog. I may not have a strong base readership (new blog), but I still do hope that my readers give some support through voting. Here are the steps!


  1. For the category Top 10 Most Popular Blog. Access through this web page as shown in the picture above and select the Top 10! Select ‘vote now’ they will direct you to create an account, after which select  the top 10 bloggers (with me in hopefully) and you’re done!!!
  2. Next for the category Most Popular Cooking Blog. Select the tab for most popular cooking blog and press ‘vote now’. They will redirect you to an facebook application and just follow through the steps. Its real easy! Alternatively you can also access the app through this link.

No words can describe how happy I am to be a finalist of SBA’15. It marks the first step before the world stage next year for SAVEUR ’16. And I also would like to thank you guys regardless whether you vote for me. As long as you’re reading this it meant something right? All this couldn’t have happen without you guys! PEACE!

*note: You can re cast your votes EVERYDAY until 6 of July when the voting ends.*

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